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L.A. Times: Comic-Con bursting at the seams

Waiting for the LAX shuttle to take us to the American Eagle commuter terminal. Checking my e-mail, I see my dad sent me a link to this story:

San Diego’s Comic-Con has grown incredible muscles and is bursting at the seams

Like some mutant cousin of the Sundance Film Festival, Comic-Con has outgrown its original mission and its limited geography, which is making life complicated for the movie studios that have been going to San Diego in recent years to dazzle fans with stars and early footage from blockbuster films, sometimes more than a year in advance. Comic-Con is still the place where movie buffs go dressed as Darth Vader and browse acres of rare comics, toys, video games and DVDs. But in this era of people who use the Internet to spread their entertainment passions like apostles, the expo is also the place to spark pop-culture wildfires.


July 23, 2008 - Posted by | Updates

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