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We’re in flight between LAX and SAN. Let’s see how this WordPress for iPhone handles a local draft to be published once we’re on the ground.

So! We missed our connecting. I wondered if Orbitz was cutting it close with 90 minutes between flights, but as we waited for the shuttle at the main Northwest terminal, things seemed fine.

We had missed the previous shuttle by seconds and were told to relax and eat and be back at 7:30.

We were. But the shuttle showed up at 7:40. Our flight was departing at 8:15. Hmm.

The shuttle sped across the Tarmac, and we reached a small terminal in less than five minutes. Except this was just a shuttle terminal. We got in another line. One said “Continental.” The other said “Skywest.” Our ticket said United. But we were put on the Continental shuttle.

At 8:10 we were at the main Continental terminal, gate 67 or so. We needed to be at United’s terminal, gate 87.

Commence sprint.

Just as Jen was about to collapse, a cart wheeled by. We hopped on and were delivered right to the gate at 8:15.

The flight was closed. We had to catch the next one. Fortunately, that was in 45 minutes. I guess LAX-SAN routes run like buses. We caught our breath.

Jen got a little weepy over the kids, but it was too early to call. I did call the hotel, though, and got early check-in. I was thinking we’d wander Mission Valley this afternoon, but now I think our plan is to get at least a few winks. The fun starts tonight with Preview Night.

We’re on an EMB120 Brasilia, a small turboprop that carries maybe 30 people. We boarded from the tarmac, and it was like climbung into a little rowboat surrounded by ocean liners. I was a bit nervous, but, so far, so good.

The attendant on this flight polled foe Comic-Con attendees. Maybe half of us. I think two other couples also missed that first flight to SAN. We’ll have to leave more leeway on the return trip.




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  1. Glad you two made it there safely! Are you able to sleep? I’m guessing your adrenaline levels are super high! Hehe

    Comment by daferret | July 23, 2008 | Reply

  2. You should be glad you missed your 8:15 flight. Hello! Destined to crash!

    Comment by John Riches | July 23, 2008 | Reply

  3. Wayne from Wayne’s take on Lost made me aware of your arrival to Con.
    Never fly through SF (cause the flights are always delayed) – if needed go through Oakland.

    Been to Con the past 5 years but am taking a break this year. I’m really looking forward to reading your view.


    Comment by Daniel Podschadel | July 24, 2008 | Reply

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