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From Paradise to the Geek Prom


Taking our sweet old time today. Slept in, for one… didn’t get out of bed ’til almost 9 a.m. It was odd to not have little people jumping on our heads for not waking up by 7 a.m. Showered, then headed out.

The first people we saw? Two dead ladies. Welcome to Comic-Con!

We decided to visit Old Town, a historic district halfway between our hotel and SDCC. Pretty, Mexican frontier town on another gorgeous day. It was kind of like a living theme park… a real town but impeccably maintained. We ate at the Coyote Cafe, where the peeling paint and exposed red brick was painted on. But, the food was good.

We walked through the historic state park, checked out old offices and schoolhouses, and walked past a Chuck Jones gallery and dozens if shops and restaurants, most blaring Mexican music onto the street.

Now we’re finally heading to Comic Con, to hopefully not get trampled on the expo floor. I have a couple of booths to somehow find to pick up stuff for friends. We may then hit random panels… As the only one Jen highlighted was for “Dexter” late this afternoon.

I hear there’s now an animatronic dinosaur at the DHARMA booth, too.





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  1. By old town SD, where you get on and off the tram, there is a seafood restaurant that has only outdoor seating. Order their fried shrimp poboy. The shrimp are HUGE. I have not bee there in over 2 years and I dream about this sandwich.

    Comment by KansasGal | July 24, 2008 | Reply

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