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From Paradise to the Geek Prom


The “Dexter” panel was a lot of fun. Michael C. Hall was great, Julie Benz was too, Kristen moderated well, lots of audience questions.

The Season Three trailer was a hit, they were buzzing with the Emmy nominations, and hints were dropped of a big twist in the premiere.

We like what we’ve seen a lot. Though to be honest Jen gets freaked out and can only watch now and then. We’ll definitely get the Season 2 DVDs out in September.

The panel ended with Mark Ecko (?) talking about the “Dexter” game. Exclusively for iPhone/iPod Touch. Not everyone was happy to hear that. But imagine “stabbing” someone with your iPhone? It’ll also be serialized, ARG style.

Afterward, things wound down. The expo floor was being cleared. None of the night programs inyerested us, so we just struck out into the city.

The sun was setting and we followed it west. At that hour, any city is pretty, but San Diego looked great. The air was cool, locals were out walking their dogs, and we walked pass reflecting pools and sculptures.

I’ve wanted to see the waterfront since we arrived, so we walked to Seaport Village. Picturesque, golden, peaceful. Hungry, we ducked into the nearest restaurant: Harbor House.

We splurged and started with the oysters. Then, peppered ahi salad and a roast beef sandwich. With lemonade. Romantic. Delicious.

After sunset, we walked to the nearest trolley station, passing the half-operational “Top Gun” bar, Kansas City Barbeque. After nearly getting hit by a trolley (those intersections are confusing!), we headed back to Mission Valley.

Well, we’re still en route. Green line, Santee-bound.

Man. This was a half day. Half Comic-Con day. Take it easy day. And I’m exhausted. Friday and Saturday may kill us.





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  1. Really enjoying your blog and twitter updates! Sounds like you are both having a blast.

    Comment by Krissy | July 24, 2008 | Reply

  2. […] The next four hours consisted of standing (and sitting) in line. And there’s really not much to say about that. The sun came up, folks snuck off to bring back food, a few other people found their way into our party. The Twitter users among us basically tweeted variations on “still in line” for most of the morning. Lots of great conversation, though. Including reports of where the end of the line was. By 9 a.m., folks were saying it had reached Seaport Village. That’s to the waterfront, past the Hyatt hotel, where Jen and I had our fancy dinner. […]

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