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Stumbling Towards Geekery

We’re in the animated “Spiderman” panel. It’s a full house now, though we just walked in during the “Marvel/B.E.T.” panel. We were bad and saved seats, and are now with Jay and Jack Glatfelter, Colleen McAllister, John Norton, “Chris In Boston,” Clif, and Adam McLearan from San Francisco. It’s podcaster’s row! Also in the room is Jo “JoJopinionated” and Anil “TheODI.” And plenty others of course.

We’re all here waiting for the EW “Showrunners” panel with Damon Lindeloff and Carlton Cuse of “LOST” (plus folks from “Chuck,” “Gossip Girl,” etc.).

We thought we’d get an earlier start today. Woke up and headed out before 8:30. Decided to try and find breakfast at Fashion Valley, so took the trolley one stop over.

Turns out the mall opened at 10 a.m.

We went back to the trolley station, and got a first taste of the Friday crowd. The platform was full. the first trolley that came by was so full, no one got on. We squeezed onto the second.

Our second idea was to breakfast at Old Town again, but we knew if we got off we’d never get back on. So we rode all the way in. Sure enough, by Old Town, no one was getting on (or off).

We talked to a Pouson Ivy and Harley Quinn on the trolley. They were working Comic-Con and would be working G4 in a couple of weeks, too. We gave them nuts. Harley said she was going to visit Hawaii next week!

The crowd around SDCC was the biggest yet. We headed in the opposite direction to get breakfast, reading Twitter reports of the madness inside. We ended up at the first restaurant we saw, Soleil-K.

It wasn’t very good. A Tweet that came in recommended Hash Hash a Gogo on 5th for next time.

Eventually we headed in and surprised ourselves by mostly knowing our way around. We walked the expo floor just for a taste, then headed over to the meeting rooms.

On out way through the Sails Pavilion, Jen spotted Richard Hatch just setting up for his autograph session. So, on a whim, we jumped in line. Curiously, he unpacked and laid out his own stuff.

He was very nice. He took time to talk to everyone. One fan had his girlfriend on the phone and Richard had a long conversation with her.

We gave him some macadamia nuts and he tore right into them. He said he loves Hawaii, visits Maui often. He signed a photo and then took a photo with us.

We took a deep breath and headed to 6CDEF. How long was the line?

There was no line. We walked right in. It was the “Marvel/BET” panel. An we waited.

When the panel ended, Jen and I nervously tried to hold seats. It’s not allowed, it’s done all the time, but I’m a big chicken. Everyone ran up from the back of the room, and… Here we are.





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  1. Richard Hatch – how awesome!
    Thanks so much for all your reports and pics of comic con – really enjoying it.

    Comment by rohanknitter | July 27, 2008 | Reply

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