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From Paradise to the Geek Prom


We leave for San Diego in under 36 hours. Things are pretty much set on the home front: grandma should be set with the kids, who will hopefully be gentle with her. So now it’s packing, and in my case, making sure all the gadgetry is working.

This is a test post from my iPhone using the WordPress app. To keep my iPhone humming, I now have two FastMac iV battery packs. Along with my Edirol audio recorder, a backup Olympus voice recorder, a “regular” digital camera, a Sanyo Xacti HD video camera and a Kodak Zi6 AA-powered HD video camera, plus my trusty MacBook Pro, we should be set.

Provided I remember to bring all the cords and chargers!


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WordPress for iPhone

Right on the eve of Comic-Con, the folks at WordPress have released the “WordPress for iPhone” native app. The timing couldn’t be more perfect. Of course I should be able to post entries to this blog directly via the web, but the native app makes things a little more elegant and simple. Or so I hope.

I posted a couple of entries via the iPhone app earlier today. The biggest problem is that it doesn’t fail gracefully. A timeout error during publishing or getting interrupted and switching apps seems to mangle things. I get an “invalid post ID” error, or find (in both cases) an uploaded photo eaten. Then I or the app get confused as to whether I want to edit an “existing” post or an unpublished local draft. I feared either doubleposting or losing the post altogether.

Still, the “WordPress for iPhone” app speaks iPhone and (i.e. hosted WordPress), so that’s why I’ve set up this blog here. Here’s hoping this app and I get comfortable with each other over the next few crazy days.

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