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From Paradise to the Geek Prom



The last leg of our journey was surprisingly short. The commuter terminal at SAN is about as small as the commuter terminal at HNL, so after a short walk we were waiting for a cab in the San Diego sunshine. We got to talk to the kids on the phone, but had to talk over the airport announcer explaining why there were police cars and fire trucks everywhere. (A passenger on a flight had a medical emergency.) Soon enough, our cab whisked us onto I-5 and into Hazard Center at Mission Valley. The trip on winding, Red Hill-like highways took ten, fifteen minutes tops. The fare was $20 even.

I’m sitting in the dark right now (hooray for blackout curtains, though they can be a disaster for chronic oversleepers). Jen’s recharging with a midday nap, while my gadgets recharge in assorted corners of our hotel room. We’re at the Doubletree in Mission Valley, a nice hotel that just happened to have a University of Hawaii Travel Industry Management graduate at the front desk. And he’s going to Comic Con too, albeit just on Friday. Nice guy. His family is from Ewa Beach.

I’m glad I sprung for this hotel rather than a couple of others that were closer to the Convention Center but of decidedly lower star ratings. It’s no Mandarin Oriental, but it’s clean, cozy, and little touches — like a warm, gooey chocolate chip cookie handed over with your room key — made a good impression on a hungry Jen. Of course, they get high marks from me simply for arranging early check in for us with one breathless airport phone call. Rather than loitering in the lobby with our luggage until 3 p.m., we can grab a shower and a nap in a big, cool, fluffy king-size bed.

So far, so good. Since arriving in California, the virtual welcome wagon has turned out in force, with an early phone call from Ralph of “The Dharmalars” (kindly offering any advice or help should we need it), plenty of greetings and well wishes from several Twitter contacts, and text messages from other friends, including Jay of “The Jay and Jack Show.” We’re hoping to meet up with him and Jack this evening, finally, after over two years of near misses in the “LOST” fan space.

Of course, Jay and Jack are traveling with their posse, which will include their friend Clif and Colleen and John (from “Metrobuzz“)… again, all great folks we look forward to meeting.

So far, no one knows when we can start picking up our badges at the Convention Center for “Preview Night.” It’ll be the least crowded hours on the massive expo floor… a floor that should include a DHARMA Initiative recruiting station. I told Jay I was thinking we’d be down there at 4 p.m. or so (doors open at 6 p.m.) at the latest. Since it’s 11 a.m. now, that should leave a fair amount of time to catch up on our sleep.

Especially since I don’t think we’ll get much during the rest of our time here in San Diego.


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